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BLACKROLL® 2.0  –  the VYPER by HyperIce

A vibrating core lifts the BLACKROLL® 2.0 to the next level. By combining vibration and fascia training, pain and adhesions in the connective tissue decrease, muscles are loosened and range of motion increased.

The VYPER combines vibration and fascia training in one device. Vibration compliments the classic use of the roll in several ways.
First, the pain receptors in the nerves become "distracted", in such a way that punctual treatment of a trigger point becomes significantly less painful. Secondly, muscles become oscillated by the vibration which increases circulation and improves recovery time.   

The VYPER has three vibration levels which are easy to control with just one button.   

We recommend the VYPER to advanced sports people and professional athletes, and for the following purposes:

1) Activation of the musculature before training: strong warm up effect;
2) Recovery after training, to limit and prevent injuries or pain as a cause of heavy load or overuse;
3) Targeted release of adhesions and tensions in the musculature and surrounding fascia (self myofascial release). 

Product contents
The VYPER is offered by BLACKROLL® as a set; it comes with a BLACKROLL® MINI (ideal for travel and roll out of feet, fore arms, hands) and the BLACKROLL® Ball 8 cm (for precise and localised use on particular points, for example the back and chest). This combination of our BLACKROLL® outstanding tools present sports fanatics with all they need to work on their maximum performance. 

Used by the world's top performance athletes 
The VYPER was developed through a cooperation between U.S.A.-based company Hyperice and BLACKROLL®. 
The VYPER is used and applauded by U.S. elite athletes such as Lindsey Vonn (Ski) or Blake Griffin (Basketball). The VYPER is now discovered and used by EU-based elite athletes, amongst others by the German football and basketball professionals.

  • BLACKROLL® VYPER incl. charger and rechargeable lithium ion batteries (charge time ca. 4 hours, battery runs ca. 2 hours on highest level).
  • BLACKROLL® Ball 08 cm black
  • BLACKROLL® VYPER 30 cm x 15 cm, ca. 1,6 kg.
  • BLACKROLL® MINI 15 cm x 5,3 cm, ca. 50 g.
  • BLACKROLL® Ball 08 cm, ca. 50 g.
Green production of the roll:
  • environmentally friendly and energy saving production
  • 100 % recyclable
  • free of propellant
  • free of chemicals
    • inodorous
    • easy to clean